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About the Australian Representative Office, Ramallah (ARO)

The Australian Representative Office in Ramallah was established in September 2000. The Office facilitates Australia’s relationship with the Palestinian Authority and enhances Australia’s support for the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

The Office oversees the implementation of Australia’s substantial development assistance program in the West Bank and Gaza Strip and enables Australia to keep abreast of developments on the ground in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. It also helps Australia to achieve other regional objectives, including support for good governance and democracy. It facilitates the expansion of our commercial contacts.

The Australian Representative Office is unable to offer direct consular assistance or assistance with immigration issues (including issuing passports and visas). For consular assistance in the West Bank and Gaza please contact the Australian Embassy in Tel Aviv. Assistance with immigration issues may be obtained from the Australian Embassies in Tel Aviv, Amman or Cairo.


Notarial services (legalising documents)

For Notarial services, you need to make an appointment (r[email protected]).

The Australian Representative Office provides notarial services, including the certification of true copies of documents (that are either Australian or others intended for use in Australia), witnessing signatures on documents, statutory declarations and witnessing affidavits.

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Notarial services fees

Notarial services fees increased from 1 January 2017 following a recommendation from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade's Functional and Efficiency Review.

Fees take into account the annual rate of inflation in Australia, the growing cost of delivering notarial services and rising demand.

From 1 January 2024 fees for Statutory Declarations, witnessing signatures and certifying documents will be AUD 85. Apostille Stamp certificate fees will be AUD 98. Fees are to be paid in ILs according to the exchange rate on 1 January 2024.


Public Holidays 2024

  • 1 January, Monday, New Year’s Day
  • 26 January, Friday, Australia Day
  • 10 April, Wednesday, Eid Al-Fitr*
  • 11 April, Thursday, Eid Al-Fitr*
  • 3 May, Friday, Good Friday
  • 6 May, Monday, Easter Monday
  • 10 June, Monday, Birthday of the Sovereign
  • 17 June, Monday, Eid Al-Adha*
  • 18 June, Tuesday, Eid Al-Adha*
  • 25 December, Wednesday, Christmas Day
  • 26 December, Thursday, Boxing Day
  • 27 December, Friday, Additional DFAT Holiday
  • 30 December, Monday, Additional DFAT Holiday
  • 31 December, Tuesday, Additional DFAT Holiday

*Eid holidays are subject to change as they are determined by the sighting of the moon.


Travel advice

Travel advice for Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories.