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Australian Events in Ramallah - 2016

The Australian Representative Office (ARO) in Ramallah, in cooperation with the Palestinian Olympic Committee and the Higher Council for Youth and Sport, held a young women’s sports day in the West Bank on 3 June 2016. Around 150 girls aged 11-16 from villages, refugee camps and sports clubs around the West Bank attended. They participated in a variety of traditional and non-traditional sports – from soccer to basketball, fencing to karate. But among the highlights of the day was the opportunity to try their hands at Aussie Rules Football with generous support from AFL Europe, which provided equipment and prizes. The girls had a great time learning to handball and kick the AFL balls, and were very excited to take the balls home to introduce the sport to their friends and family.

This was the second year that the ARO participated in this event, aimed at developing a better understanding of Australia, empowering women and girls through sport, and promoting the unique sport of AFL. We expected 100 participants – the fact that 150 girls turned up to participate, despite the 34 degree heat, demonstrated the popularity of the event. The ARO was very proud to share our love of sport with Palestinian girls, and hopes to build on our cooperation with Palestinian sports institutions and the broader community in future events


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